Junior Kindergarten

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9:10-12:00 noon, 5 days a week
Optional Extended Day Program Available from 12 noon – 2pm; M-W-F

Our Junior Kindergarten children will practice working independently, which will in turn introduce time management skills.  Our objectives for these children will be presented and learned through child-directed activities, art, learning centers, circle time, and teacher-directed activities.  Skills are mastered according to each child’s developmental readiness.

  • This class is designed for young five-year-old children. All children must turn 5 by January 31 to be eligible for this class. Often, a child may be 5 by the September 30 cutoff date for kindergarten, but may need a bit more time for maturing. Our Junior Kindergarten class is designed to allow these children additional time to grow at their own pace. These young five-year-olds will be given priority for placement in this class.
  • If your child’s 5th birthday falls after January 31st, and you wish to have him/her considered for the 5 day class, they must be assessed for developmental readiness using the Gesell Developmental Screening. This is to ensure that your child is placed in the best possible environment for success. There will be a $35.00 assessment fee for this screening. If you desire to have your child screened for this class, please contact the school office. The Director makes final placement decisions.
  • Class contains a maximum of 16 children with 2 teachers.
  • Independence and self-help skills are encouraged at all times.
  • Social experiences in the classroom help develop your child’s self-worth, self-direction, and self-confidence.
  • Hands-on experiences, learning through directed play, are valuable parts of our classroom; this develops curiosity and an eagerness for learning.
  • Children will cook two times each month — they measure, mix and most especially… enjoy their results.
  • Children will bring a healthy peanut-free snack to school every day.
  • They meet monthly with the pastor for “Chapel Time”, welcoming all children of God. (Sample themes include: Being kind to the Earth, Friendship, Being Thankful, Joy, Love, Helping Others)
  • Each day contains a balance of child-directed and teacher-directed activities.
  • Children are given outside play time, or indoor gross motor activities if weather is uncooperative.

5 year old classroom

Fees for 2018 2019 Junior Kindergarten Program

Registration Fee: $100
One-Time Supply Fee: $100


  • 5 days a week: $335/month
    Monday through Friday