Our Beliefs

Manassas Presbyterian Church Early Learning Center is a ministry outreach of the church.  Although it is run by a board of Directors composed of members of Manassas Presbyterian Church, the Early Learning Center is not defined as a Christian preschool.  We do, however, hope to offer our community a school that, following the example of Jesus Christ, is welcoming to all.  Each day our classrooms offer a general prayer of thanksgiving to God at snack time.  Our 3 day-a-week and 5 day-a-week programs have a monthly chapel time with the Pastor.  The focus of these times is to teach the children that God offers us his unconditional love.  Our chapel time is based on the beliefs of all children of the God of Abraham, but welcomes all regardless of religious background.

The staff of MPC-ELC believe that preschool children should be exposed to God in a simple, loving way.  We hope to plant the seed of who God is, so that in God’s time, and through the education of the families own religion, this seed will germinate, grow, and eventually mature.  Our goal is to teach children that they can trust Him, and understand that He is a kind and loving God who made them, not perfectly, but with all they need to grow.  We hope that the children see that God accepts everyone — people who are different, and people who make mistakes.

During the month of December, our program does let its Christianity show.  Our traditional Christmas program illustrates the birth of Jesus Christ.  We allow all children to take this story at the level that is comfortable for the family.  While our teachers explain why Christians believe this story is important, we do not expect the children to come away with religious understanding or devotion.

If you have any questions about this component of our program, please feel free to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the pastor.